Pressure Washing the Deck 

Pressure washing the deck could be a bit more complicated than you may think. When you are utilizing a pressure washer, there are safety precautions to consider. In addition to that, you want to ensure that you aren’t destroying the deck. It is really simple to end up eliminating around ¼” of the wood surface when you are utilizing a pressure washer. This could be very hard and expensive to fix.  

Pressure Washing

However, cleaning regularly the deck is likely the most significant part of the maintenance. Also, this maintenance would add years of lifespan to the deck. In addition to that, it could save you a lot of cash in the long run. 

Keep in mind these key tips before you start power washing your deck.  

  • To clean the deck, you would only need not more than 1450 PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure. 
  • However, 1450 PSI is still adequate to do huge damage to the deck. Start small and concentrate on the method.  
  • The simplest method to keep the pressure washer from damaging the deck is to let the cleaner do almost the entire task.  


Deck cleaners could come in a lot of variations. They could be chemical cleaners, bleach, or detergent. However, they are specifically developed to clean wood.  

When it comes to selecting what cleaner you must utilize, there is no right or wrong answer. However, no matter what you select, the most significant thing to do is to carefully follow the directions that are written in the cleaner. In addition to that, the pressure washer must be utilized to eliminate the excess deck cleaner as much as it is utilized to eliminate the dirt.  

As what we have mentioned above, let the cleaner do the job.  


Set the pressure quite low when you first start using the pressure washer. A lot of experts suggest you begin at about 500 PSI and work up from there as you’re required. You need to ensure you have adequate pressure to clean, but not too much to do any harm.  

  • Begin from around 2-feet about the surface of your deck. Next, lower the nozzle slowly to around 12-inch above your deck. 
  • To spray your deck, utilize a sweeping movement. Your arm would have the tendency to pivot when you are sweeping. However, try to resist it. You must try to keep a constant distance and level from the surface of your deck always.  
  • Move from the house outward. At all times, follow the grain of the wood to lessen the damage you could do to the wood.  
  • Overlap the places that you have just completed cleaning with the places that you are starting to clean. This method is called “feathering” and it would help to avoid any noticeable marks left behind from pressure washing. These marks are frequently called cleaning edges or hot spots.  
  • After cleaning, let your deck to dry for around 25 hours before assessing your work. Depending on whether the deck is dry or wet, they would have various appearances.  

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