Just a little heads up…be careful where you park your bicycle on public property. Also, be sure to warn your young ones about the same thing. I heard of a couple of pre-teen lads who were hanging around a construction area in Tampa. They were doing what kids do…riding bikes and just running in and out of dirt piles having a good time on a day when the workers happened to be on another site. Apparently, after wearing themselves out in the hot sun, they ran to a nearby store to get some soda. One of the boys left his bike behind and opted to go on foot. They were only gone for a short period of time but when they returned to the area, they were surprised to see a team of contractors on the field. They were also shocked and dismayed that the bike left behind was gone. The youngsters looked in vain but they didn’t want to ask any of the construction crew members because they didn’t want to let on that they had been trespassing on the property. So as they searched they tried to be discreet without calling attention to themselves. Eventually, a worker spotted the kids and questioned what they were doing there. It was then that the mystery was solved. The bike was old and kind of rusted. In other words, it looked as if it had been abandoned. Turns out that the young man had placed the bike up against the company container that said junk removal Tampa on it. Apparently, someone took one look at the bike and thought it was meant to go in the trash bin. The story goes that Mr. Construction guy felt sorry for the boy and managed to retrieve the bicycle from the container and with a short lecture on trespassing and carelessness, he sent the boys on their way.

This tale has a happy ending but it could have gone the opposite way for the kids…lost bike and getting in trouble for being in a place that they didn’t belong!


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