I was thinking recently about occupations and how some jobs seem to be mainly done by the male population in America. Every time I have had to hire a plumber, a man always shows up.

The last time my air conditioning needed repair, two men did the deed. When I called for a carpenter’s service, sure enough, it was a man. I have observed in my neighborhood, over the last couple of months, several houses have had the roofs replaced and I haven’t seen one female worker. Our lawn service has turned over three times in the last several years and not one woman has been on the crew. When our power needed to be fixed (new receptacles, etc.) we had four electricians and, once again, all of them were male. While out and about lately I have witnessed a few automobile breakdowns (one in a parking lot and a couple on the road) and each time I have noticed that the rescue teams were all men. A couple weeks ago, someone on my block had a Tow Truck Clearwater in their driveway. I couldn’t help but observe that the towing driver was, yes, you guessed it, a man. Most delivery truck drivers are overwhelmingly male compared to the number of ladies on the job. The one area that seems to have an equal amount of men and women employed is the school bus department. Don’t get me wrong…I have no animosity towards the hiring of men over women in so many fields…I just have a curious and questioning nature and wonder if there is a specific reason for male hires over females. Could it be that the majority of ladies have little or no desire to venture into male dominated positions or is it that businesses still have a bias against employing females because women are still considered the weaker sex and less capable of handling certain physical work?

In my spare time, perhaps I may research the matter in more detail.

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